Spencer St. Botanicals

Shipping in the Heat

We want to let you know that when we ship in hot weather a few things can happen to your products. The boxed items can be exposed to extreme temperature variations and may be sitting outside or in trucks in the heat for days at a time.  Melting can happen in the heat and we have no control over the conditions during shipment, so please understand that we cannot be responsible for melted products.

We don’t use any additives, synthetics, preservatives or stabilizers in our products so when some of our products are exposed to high temperatures they will get softer or even melt.  This does NOT affect any of the therapeutic benefits of the products at all, only their appearance when they initially get to you.  This is easily remedied by letting the product sit on the counter for a day so it can firm back up. 

For the body butters: 

These will most likely melt in the heat.  When they arrive please do not open them right away as they may be liquid. Just leave the body butter on the counter out of the heat for a day in an air-conditioned room and they will firm back up for use.  However, if the product has melted it will change the overall consistency of the product, but it will not alter any of the wonderful benefits it has for your skin.

For the Salt Scrubs:

To get the consistency just right, we use a mortar and pestle to combine the goji berries and the seaweed with the shea butter before making the salt scrubs.   Upon arrival the shea butter portion of the salt scrubs may have melted and will need to firm back up a bit before using.  Just leave the scrub on the counter out of the heat for a day in an air-conditioned room and then give it a good stir to mix everything back together before using.  This does not affect any of the therapeutic benefits of the scrub.

For the Moisturizing Cream:

The moisturizing cream may separate during shipping.  If you see separation in the jar, just give it a bit of a stir to mix it all back together.  This does not affect the products many wonderful benefits for the skin, it just needs a bit of a stir sometimes to keep it mixed as we don’t use any additives that normally prevent this separation.   

Shipping during the hot months should not cause issues with melting or appearance changes in any of the other products.

We just wanted to assure you that the pure, natural ingredients and all of their beneficial properties will remain intact melted or not.