Spencer St. Botanicals

There are quite a few different carrier oils and butters we love working with.  Some we choose more for soaps, such as coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, shea butter and cocoa butter.  Others we pick for their amazing moisturizing and anti-ageing benefits such as argon, black cumin, baobab and tamanu.  Each oil has its own unique properties that we try to pair with the best products.   We have listed them below so you can research their many benefits if you would like to know more about what they are normally used for.  We choose all of the oils we use very carefully and use only the highest quality oils and butters.  Most of our oils and butters are Certified Organic and we are constantly searching out more organic options.  We will continue to expand our organic ingredients as we find them.   We never use palm oil so you will not see it on the list.  The oils and butters are so moisturizing and feel amazing on the skin. 


Oils and Butters Used

Argon Oil *  |  Apricot Kernel Oil|  Avocado Oil|  Baobab Oil   

Black Cumin Seed Oil *  |  Borage Seed Oil|  Broccoli Seed Oil  | Camellia Oil|  Carrot Seed Oil  |   Caster Oil

Chia Seed Oil *  | Cocoa Butter **  |  Coconut Oil *  |  Evening Primrose Oil *  |  Grape Seed Oil *

Hemp Oil *  |  Jojoba Oil *  |  Kokum Butter Kukui Nut Oil

Mango Butter Neem Oil|  Olive Oil *  |  Prickly Pear Oil *  |  Pumpkin Seed Oil *

Raspberry Seed Oil |  Rosehip Oil *  |  Sacha Inchi Oil *  |  Sal Butter |  Sesame Oil *  |  Shea Butter **  

Sunflower Oil *  |  Sweet Almond Oil|  Tamanu Oil

*Certified Organic              **Fair Trade Certified Organic