Spencer St. Botanicals

There are quite a few miscellaneous ingredients that we use that didn't fit into the other categories.  Some are super foods you may recognize; others are items you are sure to know.   You can see from the list below and the other ingredient lists that we only use 100% natural ingredients.  All of the items we use are listed below so you can research their many benefits if you would like to know more about what they are normally used for.  Most of our ingredients are Certified Organic and we are constantly searching out more organic options. We will continue to expand our organic ingredients as we find them. We are always trying new product ideas so our list of ingredients will continue to grow.  We will keep all of the ingredient lists updated to ensure you know exactly what is going into the products we make.  



Miscellaneous Ingredients Used:

Acai Berries *    Adzuki Beans *  |  Aloe  |  Almonds *  |  Amla powder *  |  Apple Cider Vinegar *  

 Ascorbic Acid Aspen Bark Extract  |  AMTicide Coconut  |  Australian Midnight Black Clay  |  Baking Soda   

Bamboo Charcoal  Beeswax  |  Beet Root Powder|  Bentonite Clay  |  Brown Sugar *  

BTMS-50 Conditioning Emulsifier (derived from Rapeseed Oil)

Camphor |  Camu Camu Powder **  |  Chia Seeds *  |  Chlorophyll|  Citric Acid  

Cocoa Powder **  |  Coconut Milk *  |  Coffee Beans **  |  CoQ10|  Dead Sea Mineral Mud  |  Dead Sea Salts  

 DL – Pathenol (Vitamin B5)  |  Elderberry Extract Epsom Salt Ferulic Acid Glycerin  

 Goat Milk|  Grapefruit Seed Extract | Green French Clay Hawaiian Black Salt Hemp Seeds **

Henna *  |  Himalayan Salt Honey **  |  Hyaluronic Acid Kaolin Clay Kelp|  Lanolin    

L-Ascorbic Acid |  Leucidal Liquid (Radish Ferment)  |  Loofah Maqui Powder **  

 Matcha Green Tea **  | Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate   Magnesium Citrate Powder|  Menthol    

Oatmeal *  |  Pink French clayPoppy Seeds *  |  Potassium Hydroxide (used for liquid soaps)    

Pumpkin Seeds *  |  Red Clay - French|  Rose Water |  Rosemary CO2 Extract Sacha Inchi Extract * 

Sea clay Sea Kelp Bioferment|  Sea Salt|  Seaweed Powder|  Seaweed|  Silk Peptides

Sodium Hydroxide (used for cold and hot process soap)  Spirulina **   |  Stearic Acid|  Sugar **   

Vegetable Glycerin|  Vitamin C-Ascorbic Acid|  Vitamin E|  Witch Hazel

*Certified Organic        **Fair Trade Organic