Spencer St. Botanicals

Its all about the ingredients.

To get quality products, you need to use quality ingredients.   We ONLY use 100% natural ingredients.  We ONLY use high quality herbs and oils, most of which are Certified Organic.  All of our products are ONLY scented with essential oils and get their color from herbs or in some cases natural clays.  We use a variety of superfoods for added nutrient levels in some of our products, especially the facial masks and scrubs.   To increase the therapeutic properties of the products, we infuse many of the oils we use with different herbs. This infusion is done over a 4 to 6-week period to ensure the properties have been transferred into the oils.  This can be done for multiple reasons and many different herbs are used depending on the products. 

We try our best to source the highest quality ingredients so we can ensure the highest quality products.  We are not a Certified Organic Company yet but we do use as many Certified Organic ingredients as possible and are continually adding to the Certified Organic ingredients we use, as we can find them.  We hope to be 100% Certified Organic at some point soon- that is our goal. 

We try to source Fair Trade ingredients when we can find them and will continue to do so as we add more products.  As much as possible, we try to support communities with our purchases of raw materials. We buy ingredients such as hydrosols and herbs, when they are available, from local and/or organic farms.  We use Fair Trade sugar, spirulina, matcha, hemp seeds, camu camu berries, maqui berries, indian gooseberries (amla) and acai berries in our products. We also use Fair Trade raw shea butter that we purchase through the Global Shea Alliance who supports the communities and women supplying the shea butter. 

All of our products are made to order (except our cold process soaps which have to cure for 4 to 6 weeks) with 100% natural ingredients.  This ensures that the active ingredients in the herbs, super-foods, and oils are as fresh as possible when they arrive to you.  

At the moment, we use glass and recyclable plastic for our product containers.  We use amber jars since they offer the best UV protection for the herbs and oils. We are working towards eliminating all plastic containers as we find suitable glass containers for our needs. In the meantime, please recycle the jars.

We love coming up with new products! If you have a special product you are interested in or would like a specific scent, herb or oil added to a product that we already carry, we can do that.  Yes, we can make a custom order just for you.   

Soaps C  uring

Soaps Curing