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Why use Body Butter?

Body butter is a great way to moisturize the skin.   It is very different from a lotion since lotions have a high water content and body butters don’t have any water in them at all.   Body butters only contain wonderful oils and butters to help nourish your skin.   Body butter will penetrate the skin to keep you moisturized all day with smoother and softer skin.  It can also be great for really dry areas as well such as feet, elbows or other problem areas.  It is usually a bit thick for the face, but we have known people to use it on the face with great results.  It is absolutely wonderful for the body. 

Body butters go on thicker so a little goes a long way.  Because they don’t have water in them, only oils, they just need a few minutes to fully absorb into the skin.  It’s best to use them right after the shower after you have slightly toweled off, but are still damp, to trap in the moisture from the shower for even more benefits.  Body butters can feel oily if they are used on dry skin but if the skin is a bit wet when the body butter is put on, it soaks right in and is really wonderful.  That the trick to LOVING them!

When making our body butters, we start with Certified Organic Herbs that we infuse into various nourishing oils over a 4 week period.  We then combine these oils with Certified Organic raw butters at extremely low temperatures so they can melt together slowly.  We finish by adding Certified Organic Essential oils that smell amazing.  Then the mixture is cooled and thoroughly blended and whipped to form a wonderfully light and easily spreadable skin moisturizing butter.  Its delightful.   We can’t image not using body butters on our skin, they are so luxurious.