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Facial Steams... ahhhh..... so nice

faceDeBritt Ealey

Facial steaming has been around for ages and there is a good reason for that, its wonderful.. Its such a great way to get some much needed love to your face and its super easy to do. I really love to add herbs to my steams for their added benefits but you don't have to, just water by itself will get some really good benefits or you could even use the leftover boiling water from that pot of potatoes you just boiled, it will all work.   Facial steams offer some wonderful benefits, here are just a few reasons to love it.

1) It boosts circulation and makes you sweat.  By increasing blood flow to the area and sweating, you can remove those nasty toxins from the skin.  

2) It hydrates and oxygenates the skin. By bringing more blood to the area, the oxygen and nutrients are brought to the skin, where its needed. 

3) Helps to loosen any dirt that is stuck in pores and helps to get the pores unclogged.

4) Gives the skin a really healthy glow. 

5) If using herbs, the herbs can have a wonderful calming effect on the body.

6) Your skin feels amazing after a steam.  Plus, its now ready for a really great cleanse.  

Steams are super easy:                                                                                                                

Get some water boiling in a pan (2-3 quarts).  If using herbs, toss in a handful or so and let them soak for about 5 minutes.  Then pull the pan off the burner and put it on a heat protected surface where you can easily get your head over it.  Have a towel ready to use as a tent to cover your head and the steam coming off the pan.   Make sure to tie your hair back.  Enjoy for 5 to 8 minutes, depending on how you feel.  If you get too hot, vent the towel or come out for a bit.  Remember to wipe your face a few times during the process to remove some of the sweat that will be happening.   That's it.   Enjoy! 

Herbs before they go into the pot for a facial steam...

Herbs before they go into the pot for a facial steam...