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Why use a Body Butter? The real question is - Why wouldn't you?

DeBritt Ealey

Let’s quickly talk about the skin.  Our skin is the largest organ in the body and while it is able to maintain a great barrier with the outside world, it isn’t impenetrable. Many of the ingredients used in today’s body care products make it into the body through the skin, and we really don’t want some of those ingredients getting in.  It makes sense to minimize products that contain any harmful ingredients. 

Everyone likes to use body lotion but there is more than meets the eye with the lotions on the market today.   All lotions are made with a mixture of oil and water, which don’t like to mix together.   So, emulsifiers have to be added to get them to stay together in lotions.  Many of the emulsifiers are not great for you; a few of the newer emulsifying options are non-toxic but certainly not all of them.  

Since lotions are about 60% water, they must be preserved to prevent molds or bacteria from growing in the water over time.  Remember, most lotions have to sit on a shelf for quite a while so they must be shelf stable as they may be there for over a year.  Most of the preservatives used can be problematic for many people.  They also usually contain fragrance, which is another soup of chemicals and can contain many toxins and endocrine disruptors; again, we want to avoid these.  

So now let’s chat about Body Butters.  Body butter is a great way to moisturize the skin.  It is very different from a lotion since body butters don’t have any water in them at all.  Body butters only contain wonderful oils and butters to help nourish your skin.   So, they don’t need any emulsifiers since you don’t have to get water and oil to mix.  Without water, they don’t need preservatives since mold and bacteria need water to grow.  (They will have some added antioxidants, like vitamin E or a Rosemary extract to extend their shelf life so the oils don’t go rancid.)  They are usually scented with essential oils instead of fragrance, thus further reducing the chemicals in the products.

Using a body butter makes sense when using a lotion doesn’t.  When you get out of the shower, why would you towel off and dry the skin to then use a product that is mostly water with a list of emulsifiers, preservatives and other chemicals?   Strange right?   

Instead, try an all-natural body butter, without all of the added chemicals and additives, right out of the shower while you are still wet.  Think about it, you are already wet, there is your water, then you apply the body butter and rub it in, (your are creating the emulsion as you rub) …. This is so easy and works great!  The body butter will lock in the moisture from the shower and give you deep moisturizing benefits.

Body butter penetrates the skin to keep you moisturized all day giving you smoother and softer skin.  It can also be great for those really dry areas such as feet, elbows or other problem areas.  It is usually a bit thick for the face, but we have known people to use it on the face with great results.  It is absolutely wonderful for the body. 

When making our body butters, we start with Certified Organic Herbs that we infuse into various nourishing oils over a 4 week period.  We then combine these oils with Certified Organic raw butters at extremely low temperatures so they can melt together slowly.  We finish by adding Certified Organic Essential oils that smell amazing.  Then the mixture is cooled and thoroughly blended and whipped to form a wonderfully light and easily spreadable skin moisturizing butter.  It’s delightful.   We can’t image not using body butters on our skin, they are so luxurious.

Give Body Butters a try; you will never go back to lotions…..