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Why use hand crafted soaps?

DeBritt Ealey

People have been making soap for thousands of years, this is nothing new.  The basic recipe is still pretty much the same, mix fatty acids (fats, oils) with an alkali (soda ash, potash, sodium hydroxide).  Simply put, when the oils and sodium hydroxide are mixed together, they make soap.   What happens when they are mix together is called saponification.  100% of the sodium hydroxide is used up when the soap is fully saponified and cured so there is none left in the finished soap.

By using this basic soap making technique, we can ensure control of which oils, butters, and other ingredients go into the soap.  We also get the added benefits of glycerin.  Glycerin is created during the soap making process and is what makes real soap moisturizing for the skin.  Real soap will contain glycerin.  But, most commercial ‘soaps’ do not.  

The glycerin is normally removed from the soap by commercial soap manufactures and sold to various companies as an ingredient in lotions or moisturizers or other products for its many moisturizing benefits.  This makes their ‘soap’ not soap at all, it is now a detergent which is very irritating, drying and harsh on the skin.  The next time you buy a commercial bar of what you think is soap take a look and you will see that it is labeled as a “beauty bar” or a “bath bar” or something else, but you won’t see it labeled as soap.  

Most commercial soaps contain synthetic and artificial ingredients along with many chemicals that we certainly don’t want to put on our skin.  Remember the skin can absorb what we put on it so we want to make sure we are always using the cleanest ingredients possible.  By using hand processed soaps made with organic oils, butters and essential oils, we can make sure we are only using clean and natural ingredients on our skin.

Once you use real soap, you will never go back to a commercial bar. You can feel the difference on your skin.  Real soap will moisturize your skin and leave you feeling clean and soft, not dried out and itchy.  Try hand crafted soap and you will never go back….