Spencer St. Botanicals

         We are so happy that you found us and that you are ready to start using clean products for your face and body!  

Our products are only made with 100% natural ingredients. That's it!

               Our products will never contain palm oil, artificial preservatives, additives, or synthetics of any kind.  Only pure ingredients will do for us!  We are incredibly strict and picky with what makes it into our products, ensuring only the cleanest and healthiest ingredients get to touch your skin.   Let the nourishment for your skin begin!  

We are excited to offer you fabulous herbal cleansers, facial oils and serums, toners, moisturizing creams, body butters, salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, facial masks, lip butters, facial and body soaps, shampoo bars, and bath soaks. 

We LOVE getting to make and use our super clean products every day!  

 We hope you will love everything as much as we do... enjoy the site and have fun exploring all the products.